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How to Get Started Using Splunk’s Security Suite to Solve Your Everyday Challenges

What’s your plan for cybersecurity? Are you simply “planning for the worst, but hoping for the best?” With digital technology touching every part of our lives and new threats popping up daily, it’s imperative that your organization is precise, informed and prepared when it comes to defending your assets and hunting your adversaries.

High-profile breaches, global ransomware attacks and the scourge of cryptomining are good enough reasons why your organization needs to collect, leverage and understand the right data.

You’ll also need to implement the right processes and procedures, often alongside new technologies, methods and requirements–all with an ever-increasing velocity and variety of machine data.

So how can you best defend your organization and hunt down new adversaries? Ultimately, by taking a holistic approach to your defense system across the enterprise. This is why Splunk believes every organization needs a security nerve center, implemented by following a six-stage security journey that we will describe for you.

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