The evolution of Apple in a 3 minute (fan made) video

Apple may have made a few clangers in the past, with the most recent one angering a lot of die hard fans, but one thing's for sure: their products usually center around that person's life due to the nature of the devices they bring to market. 

The enthusiasm for newer, shinier stuff from Apple also never seems to get old either, and on that note, enter Apple fan August Brandels who contacted us with a video he made (sort of) chronologically showing the evolution of Apple and their products over the years; the segments are cut from various Apple commercials and promotional videos, and tied to a great soundtrack that also leaves you feeling pretty good for a Sunday morning!

So if you have around 4 minutes to spare, and want to see Apple as a fan would, check out the above video and drop a comment.

Thanks to Brandals for sending it our way, and oh, he was also featured on TechCrunch for it too. Not bad.

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