The Final Hours of Portal 2 now available for PC and Mac users

A multimedia article about the making of Portal 2 that was previously released as an iPad exclusive is now available to purchase and download via Steam for PC and Mac owners. The Final Hours of Portal 2 goes into detail about Valve's creation of its puzzle-shooter sequel game, costs $1.99 to download for Steam users.

Game journalist Geoff Keighley, best known for hosting GameTrailersTV on the Spike TV network, wrote and came up with the concept for the multimedia article which was first released for Apple's iPad store a few days after Valve released Portal 2 in mid-April. Keighley wrote a massive 15,000 word article which was the result of over three years of access at Valve. The Final Hours of Portal 2 covers nearly all aspects of Portal 2's creation with previously unreleased artwork, video and audio interviews and more. The release via Steam means that the article will get a much larger audience than it had previously.

The article has a number of interesting revelations about the making of Portal 2 including the fact that at first the game was being developed not as a sequel but a prequel set in the 1950s. it was also not going to use the original game's portals nor the game's main villain, the evil AI program GLaDOS. Thankfully wiser heads prevailed. The article also has some interactive features that allow you to destroy Aperture Science, control the goofy AI Wheatley and more. You can also interact with Portal 2 fans inside the article via feedback and polls.

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