The Galaxy S III is hot, so hot it melts

The Galaxy S III is a pretty good looking device and although some of us here at Neowin prefer the HTC One X, we commend Samsung for keeping the market full of attractive devices. We understand that some other users may simply prefer Samsung’s branding and design, but we have discovered something that could prove to be potentially hazardous to Galaxy S III owners.

Picture this: you’re sitting in your car, when suddenly your three-week old Galaxy S III spontaneously combusts, replacing the shiny glossy finish it once had with an unappealing rough patch of molten plastic – this is exactly what happened to user dillo2k10.

The damage itself was along the bottom of the device but separate to the charging port. The screen still worked surprisingly, but the reception for the device was dead. We’ve uploaded a gallery full of the images for you guys to check out.

The device has been sent into Carphone Warehouse for a complete check-up as to what caused the smartphone to explode. 

Via: Engadget

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