The Google Play Store is offering a $1 credit to select users

Google has been offering all sorts of different discounts this summer, but it now appears that some users are getting a free $1 to spend on the Play Store.

According to some users, they are seeing a special banner when entering the Google Play Store that states they are eligible for a $1 credit. Unfortunately, as stated before, the offer is not for everyone and it will not show up on all accounts. While there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for the promotion, if you don't have it available, there is still another way to see whether your account qualifies.

If the banner is not showing up when you log into the Play Store, you can always head to the redeem tab and enter code "WBBX4VC8X3EBWKC3BSME5V9". Now, this doesn't guarantee you the $1 credit, but if your account is eligible for the promo, you'll receive the credit; if not, you'll be notified of your account's ineligibility.

Source: Google Play Store via SlickDeals

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