The iPhone 8 could cost over $1000

To mark the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, a special edition of the next iPhone is expected to cost more than one thousand dollars, a source with "knowledge of Apple's plans" told news site Fast Company.

The next iPhone is likely to be named the iPhone 8, as opposed to Apple’s existing release pattern which would suggest the next model would be an iPhone 7s. According to Sharp CEO Jai Teng-wu, the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display, in contrast with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s 2013 comments about the type of display, which he dubbed as “awful”.

This comes after claims made in October 2016 by Japanese news site Nikkei, which suggested that three versions of the eighth generation iPhone would be released: one premium glass- backed version, and two standard aluminum backed models. The iPhone 8 is anticipated for release later this year.

Source: Fast Company via SlashGear | Image: Imran Taylor

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