The Movies goes gold

The Movies website offers news that Lionhead Studio's movie making game has gone gold. No release date has been given, but it appears the game will make the stated "Fall 2005" release date.

If you have not heard of The Movies, shame shame. The Movies gives you the chance to make any movie you could possibly imagine. You can choose from five different categories: Action, Comedy, Romance/Drama, Horror, and Sci-Fi (there are sub-categories you can use also). You can make a script yourself, or have a "scriptwriter" write one for you. Movies made in the game will be rendered and use the WMV9 codec. You can make a movie 30 seconds long, or 3 minutes long (or however long you really want it to be) and all movies once finished can be shared on The Movies website.

Actors in the game age, respond to the decisions you make, and change. Actors can get overweight (and you can send them to get some liposuction), angry with you and the studio, and demand more money. You must keep the actors happy, otherwise it won't be good. It would not look good if the big famous star of all the movies you make decides to quit!

For more information head on over to The Movies homepage.

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