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Microsoft's Office experience on the web,, is getting a redesigned homepage with some new links and changes to the layout. The change was first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter, but it's rolling out to a number of users, though, as noted by OnMSFT, only business users seem to be getting the new design for now.

The new design features a few changes. The app bar, which features links to multiple Office apps, has been turned into a sidebar, and it also features a couple of new icons, specifically for creating a new file or seeing the "All apps" list.

Additionally, there are a few more elements to the UI. The main section of the page used to only display your recent files, but you can find a list of recent OneDrive folders below that, as well as links to SharePoint resources in the organization. Naturally, that panel doesn't make sense for consumer accounts, so it's possible the consumer version of the website will look a bit different.

It's not currently known when the changes will make their way to personal Microsoft accounts, but presumably, it shouldn't take much longer now.

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