The OnePlus 5T display will likely not feature the jelly scroll effect

When the OnePlus 5 first came out, some users experienced an odd phenomenon with its display while scrolling. Later, the firm would chime in that the issue was normal, and would confirm that the display was mounted in an inverted orientation, which some believed caused the effect. During its presentation of the OnePlus 5T, the company was open about the mistakes it has made, so it comes as little surprise that the firm isn't making the same mistake with the display this go-around.

While it has yet to hit retail, there are some review units floating around of the 5T, and it appears that XDA Developers has checked the code to see how the display is mounted. According to its findings, by rummaging through the kernel source, it found that the AMOLED panel is not inverted. This means that the jelly scroll effect isn't likely to be present. This is good to know, considering that the handset will go on sale next week, on November 21, and will start at $499.

Source: XDA Developers | Image via OnePlus

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