The original Xbox was almost called the 11-X

The original Xbox was big, black, and many considered it a stupid attempt by Microsoft to enter a market that was dominated by Sony, Nintendo and Sega. Over a decade later, the tables have turned and the move can now be viewed as one of the best decisions the company has made in its history.

The first console by Microsoft had many internal names and in a new piece by the folks over at Edge Online, the names that were considered for the console's branding have been revealed. 

One of the leading names was 11-X or Eleven-X, but that was shot down in favor of the now obvious Xbox branding - but the list of potential names is quite long.

Other notable inclusions on the list are FACE (Full Action Center), DirectX Box, Midway (as the device sits between a PC and a console), and of course the many different spellings of the word Xbox: X-Box, xBox, XboX, Xbox and X-box.

Seeing how the history of the console has played out, the Xbox branding has worked well for Microsoft and we are thankful that Microsoft’s marketing department was shot down by Seamus Blackley. Without Seamus and his launch team, we could be sitting here talking about the 11-X.

You can check out the entire list of the original Xbox potential names at the source link below and one interesting name that was also on the list was AIO, or All in One, which is how Microsoft is now positioning the Xbox One

Source: Edge-Online | Via: The Verge

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