The rise of the keyring drive

I just read a story over at the BBC News Technology section about how the floppy is long dead and how transporting files with a USB pocket drive is the way forward. I'd have to agree with this entirely. Floppies are old, small, have slow transfer speeds and very unreliable - they've had their day.

Earlier this week Microsoft launched Windows Server 2003. At the launch (in the UK at least) attendees were handed a bag full of press releases and marketing. More interestingly a white box was contained inside. Inside the box was a 32meg USB Pen Drive with Windows Server 2003 written on its top. This was a shock for most who attended as we certainly didn't think Microsoft would be handing out free hardware, only software. The drives typically cost $20-$500 depending on what size you would like. Ranging from 16meg (typically) all the way to 1gig. >>

Screenshot: Microsoft's free USB Pen Drive

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