The Ship gets a new patch

Updates to The Ship have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

  • New map added - Raifucu Maru
  • New outfits added - Safari outfit and Farmer outfit
  • New Team Modes - Team VIP and Team Elimination
  • Added Russian Voice Over for Single-Player
  • Throwing a wallet or purse bomb at a door now results in it being slid along the floor so you can slide one under doors to blow up door-blocking players
  • Added 20 seconds delay after unsuccessful vote to stop players trying to vote too often
  • Added option for server admins to set a server to randomly choose the game mode
  • Added option for server admins to reset the game mode back to default setting after a map change
  • Added sound when players don't have sufficient funds to buy from a shop
  • Added music for Ambassador's cabin in Single-Player map and Cotopaxi map
  • Added new music to Andrea Doria, Cyclops and Huronian
  • AI will now only play shocked animations when a player is killed in view
  • You can now run The Ship Dedicated Server via the Steam UI with a Steam account that does not have The Ship registered with it
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  • Improved Lag compensation to improve attacking with weapons in higher lag situations
  • Russian and Polish localization fixes
  • Fixed bedpan interaction so players use them properly
  • Transparency issue with Syringes fixed
  • Fixed Steam trap in Engineering in Rubicon map
  • Various lighting fixes and optimizations in Rubicon map
  • Changed Cotopaxi cafe music
  • Various sound levels tweaked
  • Increased volume for English Tutorial voice over
  • Players now play reading animation when reading magazines
  • Fixed wrong hats and glasses sometimes appearing on players
  • Fixed bug with jumping animation sometime not playing for other players
  • Fixed player spawning so players don't spawn in same cabin if there's an empty cabin available
  • Fixed bug with players being able to escape from jail after sleeping
  • Players who poison or set fire to their Quarry will now get awarded for the kill even if their Quarry disconnects
  • Fixed bug with Doctor or Psychiatrist sometimes standing up instead of sitting
  • Added missing doors on Connemara Deckplan
  • Added missing door on Atalanta Deckplan
  • Added missing Mall Cafe on Connemara Deckplan
Added missing Swimming Pool and Hottub on Rubicon Deckplan

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