The Sims: Deluxe Edition

Something for all you Sims fans out there! Here's an exerpt:

"This September Maxis is finally taking The Sims off the shelves. Now, now, no need to start lamenting the end of an era just yet. Maxis is too smart to let their premiere series die out. Instead of The Sims, this September gamers will find The Sims Deluxe on store shelves.

At the $40 price, it's almost enough that the new box combines all the content and features of the original core game as well as the first Livin' Large expansion. There are plenty of new objects exclusive to Deluxe as well as a new batch of walls, floors and skins. Deluxe will even feature two brand new Roman and Science Fiction decorator themes. That's a pretty strong incentive to bring latecomers into the ranks of the Sim fanatics." News source: IGN

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