The Steam Community officially launches out of beta

Valve has officially launched The Steam Community after being in a beta testing phase for about a month or so. For those not in the know, The Steam Community (or TSC) offers some nice new additions to the Steam client.

Of course the most important being all the cool new community features - go figure! You can now create groups, join chats with them, even voice chats (with decent quality audio! ) look at gamers profiles and see what games they play, how much they play, what kind of stats they have and all sorts of other cool "community" stuff. Valve is just bringing us all closer together - for the obvious: the day Team Fortress 2 takes over our lives next Monday.

Oh yes, you can also have a custom avatar for yourself on Steam now, and set up "meetings" and other events. It is actually pretty well integrated with the Steam client, and works really well. Especially if you are in a clan, or just a large "community" as it were.

So come on, load up Steam and update. Hey, join the Neowin Community group also!

View: The Steam Community
View: The Neowin Steam Community Page - It's open to the public!

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