The Sun UK newspaper launches on iPad with page 3 boobs

Apple approved and launched The Sun newspaper app on the iPad yesterday in the UK.

The application replicates a daily edition of The Sun newspaper and also includes the famous "Page 3" models. The British tabloid newspaper has been publishing Page 3 girls since 1970. Consisting of a topless photo of a female glamour model, the feature lends its name from the tradition of publishing the photograph on the newspaper's third page.

What's surprising about this addition is that Apple has approved what many would classify - soft pornography. Apple famously rejected an app from the store in 2009 which included The Sun newspaper. Why the change of heart? Apple says it's down to the fact customers must confirm they are 17 or over to view what's classed as "age-restricted material". Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, famously stated that "folks who want porn can buy an Android phone", in a reply to an email. Looks like that might not be the case anymore. We've included a screenshot of the app below and have covered up Rosie, 19 from Middlesex to maintain her dignity.

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