The Ultimate Cheat List! Beta 5a

The Ultimate Cheat List! contains over 17,000 codes, hints, cheats, trainers, reviews, game companys and walkthoughs for PC, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Saturn, 3DO, Jaguar, SNES, Genesis, portable, and classic systems. TUCL(The Ultimate Cheat List!) has two methods of cheats - fast updated text and database updates which are updated more often. In addition, it has seperate categories for Strategy Guides, Universal Hint System files and also has a very simple company viewer and game review database separate from the main screen.

It comes fully loaded with the TUCL File Updater for updating company information, reviews, cheats, etc. All of the cheats are editable from the program. You also get advanced features like saving cheats, opening cheats, saving cheats as HTML pages, saving as RTF, as well as the ability to open all those formats

News source: The Ultimate Cheat List! Homepage

Download: The Ultimate Cheat List

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