The Vita TV has been rebranded the PlayStation TV for the U.S., priced at $99

While Microsoft was adamantly focused on delivering a press event with software, Sony debuted a new piece of hardware at its press event, the PlayStation TV. If it looks familiar, it’s because the PS TV is a rebranded Vita TV that hit Asian markets in 2013. The device still has the same features and will give users the ability to stream their PS4 games and media to another TV in their home.

While the PS4 streaming feature took center stage at the press event, the unit is a bit of a gaming Trojan horse. While it is being touted as an add-on for anyone that currently owns a PlayStation 4, the PS TV can equally function as its own gaming / media console. The PS TV will have access to hundreds of PS3, Vita, PS One, and PSP Classic titles that will be available for streaming or download. This is a huge library of classic and next generation titles that can cater to both, casual and hardcore gamers, looking for an inexpensive entertainment console.

Backed by a robust catalog, the PlayStation TV has the potential to catapult itself into millions of homes. The PlayStation TV will be available in 2014 for a price of $100.

Source: E3 | Image via Sony 

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