The weather outside is frightful, but this Blizzard sale is so delightful

Blizzard games have traditionally been blockbusters, with recent successes such as Overwatch and StarCraft Remastered. So it stands to reason that with the holidays approaching, Blizzard would drop the price on its popular lineup of titles.

You can get deals right now on almost all of these PC games through at least January 2. About the only game missing from the group is the popular CCG Hearthstone. Here's the list:

Overwatch (50% off through January 2)

  • Overwatch for $19.99. It includes 26 heroes, 21 different maps, and eight match types.
  • Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition for $29.99. It includes the base game plus five special hero skins, 10 regular Loot Boxes, and in-game goodies for Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and StarCraft II.

StarCraft II (25% off through January 8)

  • StarCraft II: Campaign Collection for $29.99. It includes over 70 campaign missions, seven Co-op Commanders, access to all multiplayer units and modes in the competitive ladder
  • StarCraft II: Campaign Collection Digital Deluxe Edition for $44.99
  • Bundles:
    • Epic Co-op Conqueror (25% off): Includes Abathur, Alarak, Dehaka, Fenix, Nova, Stukov, Zagara, Karax, Swann, and Vorazun
    • Celebrity Announcer (50% off): Includes Day[9], iNcontroL, Nathanias, Park, SCBOY, Tastosis, and TotalBiscuit
    • Ultimate Announcer (50% off): Includes Abathur, Alarak, Artanis, Kerrigan, Raynor, Swann, Nova, D.Va, Stukov, Dehaka, Fenix, and Horner & Han.

StarCraft: Remastered (33% off through January 8) for $9.99

World of Warcraft (50% off through January 3)

  • World of Warcraft for $9.99. Includes base game and all expansions through Warlords of Draenor and lets you play up to level 100
  • Legion expansion Standard Edition for $24.99. Includes the Broken Isles, the new Demon Hunter class and the new 110 level cap.
  • Legion expansion Digital Deluxe for $44.99
  • A variety of pets, mounts and helms are also 50% off

Diablo III (33% off through January 2)

  • Diablo III Battle Chest for $19.99. Includes Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion.
  • Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer for $9.99. Includes the new Necromancer class

Heroes of the Storm (55% off in in-game currency)

  • The Foundation Bundle for 2,000 gems. Includes heroes E.T.C., Leoric, Greymane, Kerrigan, Li-Ming, Uther, Lúcio, and Zagara
  • Gifting Loot Chests can be done through the Winter Veil event page.

While nothing is available right now for Hearthstone, a Blizzard spokesman said some announcements can be expected sometime after the first of the year.

So if you like Blizzard games, grab them now from the Blizzard store.

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