There are more wireless phones than people in US

Just how many wireless phones are there in the US? According to a new survey by the US wireless trade group, the number has actually surpassed the total number of people currently in the country. The press release from CTIA: The Wireless Association, says there are currently 327.6 million wireless phone subscriptions in the US. That compares to the total US population of 315.5 million. The population number includes the 50 states as well as the US's territories like Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The survey, which covers the January-June 2011 time period, shows a nine percent increase in the total number of wireless phone subscribers in the US compared to the trade group's survey in mid-2010. The total amount of data that travels on the country's wireless networks came in at 341.2 billion MB in the survey. That's a 111 percent increase from mid-2010 when "just" 161.5 billion MB in data traffic occurred on the nation's wireless networks.

The current total number of smartphones and PDAs in the US came in at 95.8 million, according to a new survey. That's a big 57 percent increase from 61.2 million smartphones that were in this country in the last survey. However, wireless phone subscribers are still paying about the same for their monthly bills. The survey said that the average monthly bill was $47.23 compared to $47.47 in the last survey. Steve Largent, the president and CEO of CTIA, predicts that wireless phone use " ... will continue to skyrocket by more than 50 times within the next five years."

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