There's no love between Bing and Google

It’s no secret that there’s no love between Microsoft and Google, especially when it comes to competing products. Microsoft has been trying to take advantage of Google’s missteps and capitalize on the controversy that sometimes surrounds the company. At the same time Google has been hard at work to get folks to switch from Microsoft’s products to it's own.

With this in mind you might start to see the companies throw subtle punches at each other across their products. This is the case with Google and Bing. You may have seen this article, where Larry Dignan points at the negative search suggestions Google shows users who are searching for Windows 8.

Well this time, Ed Bott took a look at how Microsoft’s Bing sees Google products. You might notice in the picture above result aren’t very positive. In fact they’re mostly negative and somewhat depressing.

Of course, as Bott points out, we’re not saying there’s any real backend tampering here, and these suggestions are all based on searches users have made, but it is somewhat funny how the two search engines go up against each other.

You can check out the original post and a few more screenshots  at the source link below.

Source: ZDNet | Images via ZDnet

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