Thirty Years of Apple

It's been a long fruitful run for Apple, next week the company celebrates its 30th Birthday. But with Apple keen to promote itself as fresh and cool, will the wrinkles start to show as they get older?

Maybe not, Apple is going through somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. Not only is their desktop market seeing an increase in sales, but they have managed to become a major player in the music industry. You can walk down the high street and almost guarantee that a symbolic white earbud will catch your eye. Where Apple struggled in their youth, they have certainly made up for it as they approach middle age.

Apple's first product, strangely, was a build it yourself computer, which a year later was updated to the Apple II. They were the first to bring you a rich graphical based operating system which was most successful in the Apple Macintosh in 1984. Despite the innovation the company struggled through much of the 90's, with Steve Jobs leaving the company and a series of failed projects.

With the return of Jobs in 1996 Apple turned a corner and suddenly started to make waves again. While they only account for 4% of the worldwide PC market they posted a record $14billion for its fiscal 2005. Keep checking back on Neowin next week to see how Apple plans to celebrate their birthday.

But what is in store for the next 30 years? Post what you would like to see Apple come out with next in your comments.

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