This adapter might be required for those that purchase Apple's new MacBook

Today, Apple unveiled a new MacBook for 2015. It is Apple's thinnest and lightest MacBook to date. While it might be the thinnest and lightest, it is also Apple's most minimalist approach to a computing product thus far. Apple has eliminated many commonplace features found in current laptops like the full sized USB port, SD card slot, and CPU fan. Instead the new MacBook will be fanless and will only have a 3.5mm headphone jack and a new USB-C port.

Naturally, if you are a power user and require all of the previously mentioned ports, you get into a bit of a conundrum with the purchase of the new MacBook. Fortunately, Apple has an adapter that will allow you to expand your measly USB-C port to include a full size USB and HDMI port. Unfortunately, you'll be required to pony up a good $79 for the accessory. While there are other adapter options, this is one of the only options that will give you a USB port and still allow you to charge your new MacBook.

Apple will have three different USB-C adapters that will be available at launch. The USB-C digital AV Multiport adapter and the USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter will retail for $79, while the USB-C to USB adapter will retail for $19 USD. Although the Apple MacBook is one of the first to utilize USB-C port, it is a universal standard and many other products should appear on the market from different third parties in the near future.

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