This CRM centralizes customer communication to boost business

Most businesses these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to communicating with customers. In today’s high-tech world, users expect a certain level of immediacy and ease when it comes to getting questions answered and orders fulfilled. And when you have a slew of options to choose from — whether that’s email, phone, messengers, sms, social media or online chat — those choices can start to feel scattered and overwhelming. What option is the best one to make available to your customers? Which one will resonate the most?

amoCRM just might be the answer to both connecting with your clients in a more meaningful, personal way, and operationally streamlining your communication channels. The platform creates a single lead profile for each customer you engage with on their platform of choice (be it Skype, FB Messenger, or even Instagram) and enables you to keep the conversation going without needing to switch apps — or making customers frustrated by needing to repeat the same conversation multiple times.

amoCRM is great for small businesses, entrepreneurs looking to launch their first startup, or anyone else who needs to bootstrap a solution that gives customers access to instant answers (without needing to invest in a whole lot of overhead). And, especially in an environment where people are barraged by robocalls, cold sales calls and email spam, the regular tactics sales teams use to interact with customers not only no longer work — they could be seen as offensive or invasive.

People are far more likely to prefer a less formal, instantaneous way to connect to businesses. amoCRM’s messaging feature is so powerful because customers first need to actively send the first message or subscribe — there’s no cold outreach option. Customers then feel empowered — after all, the conversation begins and ends on their terms. In this case, amoCRM gives sales teams the opportunity to chat with leads in an organic, fluid way that feels like a phone call (without being a cold call).

Another reason amoCRM is so effective is that it allows business to track leads on any messenger the client prefers. The platform unifies all messages into a single inbox, so whether your team is chatting with a potential customer through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram or other messengers, you can find all your conversations under the person they belong to, in the same spot. And whether you connect through a chat message, lead capture form, phone call or email, all the data is synced through amoCRM.

Especially helpful for startups trying to scale out services on a limited budget, amoCRM has a feature to integrate chatbots or even build your own — no coding experience necessary. You can set up auto-actions, send files and images, gather data and much more. You can even collaborate and chat with your own team through amoCRM, so you’re all on the same page.

In a day and age where most people have their phones on hand 24/7, amoCRM helps both sales teams and customers feel in control — in fact, 61 percent of people say messaging is the easiest way to chat with businesses.

Try an extended trial of amoCRM for free for 30 days (normally 2 weeks) by mentioning this publication during sign-up.

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