This is how the iPad Mini will probably look

The device on the right? The current iPod Touch. The device in the back? The new iPad. The device on the left? One of the rumoured designs of the upcoming iPad Mini, according to 9to5Mac. The site claims to have received a number of tips about Apple's answer to the 7 inch tablets other companies are offering, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. A recurring rumour is that the iPad Mini will have smaller bezels along the side like the iPod Touch, instead of being just a scaled down version of the current iPad.

It's quite logical to use smaller bezels, because you don't need to hold on to the sides of the device because of its 7 inch size. That way the screen tends to be a little bit bigger than the competition offers, if Apple decides to keep the current aspect ratio of the iPad. The claims are backed up by Apple blogger John Gruber in a lengthy post on his blog, who reportedly has sources at Apple. He states that the current iPad has the thick bezel because you need a place for your thumbs when holding it, while the iPhone and iPod Touch don't have that problem. So if the size of the iPad Mini is small and light enough, say around 7 inch, why use a thick bezel?

Gruber also thinks that the iPad Mini, or the iPad Air as some sites like to call it, will be just as 'thick' as the iPod Touch with 7.2 mm. Weight is important too if Apple's wants us to hold the iPad Mini with one hand, so it will probably be a lot lighter as well, with the current iPad weighing 1.44 pounds (652 g).

Source: 9to5Mac | Images via 9to5Mac

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