This is how you get folders on your Nokia Lumia

Earlier today, Nokia released it’s Black update for many of its Windows Phones. With that update, Nokia promised that folders would be coming with the update but did not say exactly how the feature would be implemented since it was not part of the core OS.

Well, we now have our answer. To add folders to your Windows Phone, you have to download the Nokia folders app, which can be found here.

The app states that it is exclusively for Lumia devices, which puts other phones, such as the HTC 8X, out in the cold. Considering that Lumia phones make up the vast majority of Windows Phones that are out in the wild, this shouldn't be a major issue. Further, once Microsoft completes its acquisition of the Nokia smartphone business unit, it may release the app for other phones.

The fact that it is an app that allows you to add folders isn’t a major surprise, Samsung actually included this functionality previously but considering that Lumia phones are far more widespread, this app will likely be used more frequently.

You can download the app now and add folders to help further customize your home screen which is one more way that Lumia devices are trying to stand out from the crowd in the Windows Phone market.

Download: Nokia App Folder

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