This is the most annoying thing about the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was announced earlier today and by the paper specs and demos shown by Microsoft, the tablet should be a fantastic device for consumers (and the enterprise) to use on a daily basis. While we take our Surface Pro 3 out for spin to gather our thoughts and construct our upcoming review, there is one small little detail driving us nuts.

Now, before you head to the comments and start writing gibberish about how we hate Microsoft or we are anti-fanboys, this is a small quibble that can be fixed with a software update. Besides, it’s not even that big of a deal, until you notice it and then every time you open the Charms bar it eats away a tiny bit at your soul because the buttons do not align.

Grid lines to show off-center alignment.

Yes, folks, the biggest complaint about the Surface Pro 3 after using one for a decent amount of time today is that the Windows key on the side of the device and the Windows button inside the Charms bar do not line up. They are off-centered to a noticeable degree and if you have OCD about things being neat and tidy, then it will drive you bonkers.

It’s a big deal about nothing really, and frankly, after spending this much time with the device and this is what it is driving me nuts, that’s a very good sign.

The device is not perfect and we know that other issues may arise as we dig deeper into the product while we review it, but for now, this is it. And for those of you from Microsoft reading this, if this is the only complaint to arise so far, that’s a very, very good thing.

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