Thousands 'Killed' in Deadly Plague

Edited: Newspost now includes video link.

A deadly plague is sweeping the world causing death to many thousands of people, in the World Of Warcraft. Originally thought to be a bug in a recently added area of the game, it has now come to light that it is an infection that some players have exploited, and given to an in game animal that travels through the various realms and infects anyone it comes into contact with.

The plague, which was caused by Hakkar the god of blood, was initially supposed to only affect the weaker opponents that attacked him in the newly added Zul'Gurub dungeon. World of Warcraft fan sites are calling it the first ever "world event" in the game. The "Corrupted Blood" plague isn't the first of its kind however, in 2000 many Sims players were outraged when many of their characters were killed by a plague carried by a dirty guinea pig.

Video: WOW Plague

News source: BBC News

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