Thurrott: Final version of Windows 7 coming October 15

Predicting the release date of things like Windows 7 beta, RC and now the RTM is something like trying to predict when the end of the world will be. Everyone gets excited about the upcoming date, but when it actually does happen, that's all anyone will care about. Well, get ready for some more predictions as we get further and further away from the RC release and closer to RTM.

The latest prediction, this time from Paul Thurrott, is that Windows 7 will be released to the public on Thursday, October 15. But as he says, this is "according to the current schedule."

Meaning... "don't shoot me if I'm wrong or they change it."

The October 15 date gives Microsoft about 5 months to squash bugs left in the release candidate, which was released on May 5. This date also does seem to match up with the news we reported on last month, via Pocket Lint, that Windows 7 would be available for purchase on the Acer all-in-one Z5600 PC systems starting Saturday, October 23.

We expect lots of rumors to circulate about the release date, up until we get something concrete from Microsoft. Not that we don't trust our good buddy Paul, but this is his second or third prediction on a release date (or at least time frame) for the final version, so we're currently working with our sources to firm up the October 15 date he mentions and hope to have more information for you soon.

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