Tiny drive, big appeal

Recently we were given opportunity to review the Zpen, a multifunctional digital pen to help digitalize your notes made by Dane-Elec. Now, our friends at Dane-Elec have now announced a new product called the Mini-Mate. The Mini-Mate is a miniscule USB Flash Drive that measures 1cm thick, and 4 cm long, still managing an impressive 2GB of storage, and high speed read and write rates.

The drive is compared to the size of a jelly bean, and is competitively up in the ranks of the smallest USB drives available such as the Sony Micro Vault or the Imation Atom.

Separating this drive from the competition is its material and location of the key ring. The drive is enclosed by a thin rubber casing, protecting it from nature's downpours, or even a day at the beach. The key ring is attached to the drive itself, so in case you happen to lose the lid, the drive is still safe with you.

The 2GB Mini-Mate is available in 2 colours, blue and green. A 4GB red version will soon be available.

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