TLB Mail Monitor v1.9.2 beta

Mail Monitor allows you to easily monitor all your POP3 mail boxes. When you have received new mail, Mail Monitor can inform you about this with visual effects and sound. Mail Monitor can also launch your Email Reader. Mail Monitor support an unlimited number of mailboxes. You can see your messages in the message list, and you can delete any messages from server without ever loading them. You can mark messages as read and Mail Monitor will not notify you about them again. Also Mail Monitor allows you to preview messages without any risk for you and your computer from malicious viruses. The message is loaded into a text box and no scripts are allowed to be executed. This helps you protect your computer from mail viruses. If you see some unknown letters you can easily delete it if you think it is not for you.


  • Explorer crashes.

  • Filter "Message Body contains regular expression" works incorrectly.

    Download: Mail Monitor v1.9.2 Beta

    View: Mail Monitor

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