Top 99 Games of All Time - Voted by You on IGN!

Stumbled upon this whilst browsing IGN a few moments ago. They put up a big ole list of games, 99 in fact, voted on by you the people over a long stretch of time, up until April 11th 2005. They used their own data, from reviews, ratings etc all submitted by IGN readers (aka you) to make this list. Some of the games on the list are just wacko to me, but hey, what do I know eh? I thought it was a funny, nice read and certainly some of the games on the list are classic and still awesome to this day. Zelda anyone? Only downside to the list, is the KFC advertisements everywhere, but hey, what can you do right? I won't post the entire list, obviously, but here are a select few, and when done here head on over to the link I provide and peruse the rest of the list. Is your favorite game on there? Where is it on the list?
#9: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
#7: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
#6: God of War (huh?)
#5: Half-Life 2 (yeah a PC game! )
What's #1? Please try to remember something though, this is not an IGN Editor list, this is a list literally by you guys. So take some of the listings with a grain of salt, literally. Enjoy the list.

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