Torchlight II cinematic trailer gets animated

Torchlight II may not get quite as much hype that Diablo III is sure to get, but a lot of gamers can't wait to play the sequel to 2010's sleeper hit action-RPG. This week, the title's developer Runic Games released a new cinematic trailer for Torchlight II which takes an interesting creative approach.

The cinematic isn't a fancy CGI trailer nor does it show footage from the game itself. Instead, it's an old fashioned 2D animated trailer that tells a small part of the tale in between the original and the sequel, complete with a new and very large bad guy.

The animations were done with the help of Klei Entertainment, who are no slouches in the game development industry themselves. They are best known fo making the violent side scroller games in the Shank series. They have another game in the works called Mark of the Ninja.

Torchlight II still doesn't have a firm release date, although Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer recently said in an interview the company would "ideally" like to have Torchlight II come out about a month after Blizzard's own Diablo III comes out,. In theory, that would put Torchlight II's launch sometime in mid-June.

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