Toshiba Unveiles 100GB Hard Drive for Notebooks

Toshiba on Thursday unveiled a supersize hard drive for notebooks.

The 100GB storage vault, the MK1031GAS, will pack 20GB more capacity than Toshiba's current biggest drives for notebooks.

While most notebooks now come with 30GB or 40GB drives, many notebook buyers have been clamoring for more. Such buyers often seek out notebooks that are close to desktops in performance and storage capacity for multimedia tasks, such as gaming and video editing. Engineers also often need beefed-up machines to work in the field. Until now, such buyers have had to opt for either 60GB or 80GB hard drives, the two largest sizes available from most manufacturers.

Toshiba increased the capacity of its latest notebook drive by bumping up the areal density, or the amount of data each of the disk's platters can hold, to 80 gigabits per square inch. Hard drives are made up of one or more platters that store data. Toshiba's new drive has two such platters.

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News source: c|net News

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