Total War: Rome II - Empire Divided expansion pack announced

Creative Assembly's strategy game Total War: Rome II launched back in 2013, and four years later, the developer is back with a brand new expansion for the game titled, Empire Divided.

The expansion adds a new campaign pack set in the year 270 AD, where the once great Roman Empire is now "near-total economic collapse," due to it being split into three factions, along with barbarians and eastern empires knocking on its borders. Players will have the choice of returning the Roman Empire to its glory days, or help along its destruction.

The campaign will include ten playable factions from five different cultures with their own stories to tell, as well as new features such as cults, bandits, and plagues to keep everyone busy.

Alongside the new paid expansion, the developer is pushing a free update titled Power & Politics to all Rome II owners. This update aims to overhaul the game's current politics system to "create a more subtle and intriguing experience with farther-reaching consequences."

A beta for the new update is available right now on Steam, which can be accessed by going into the game's properties on Steam, selecting the Betas tab and choosing the 'power_and_politics' option in the drop-down menu.

Total War: ROME II - Empire Divided expansion and the Power & Politics update will arrive on November 30 via Steam for Windows. As for Mac users, the developer said it doesn't have any plans to bring the new content to macOS as of now. Full details on the expansion as well as the changelog for the upcoming update can be found in the developer's newly published FAQ page.

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