Total War Shogun 2 finally getting DirectX 11 support on Monday

Nearly two months after Total War Shogun 2 was released, the development team behind the latest game in the historical PC exclusive RTS game series will soon offer DirectX 11 graphical support for those gaming PC rigs that can support it. This week a post on the game's official message board announced that the DirectX 11 features will be added in a new patch on Monday along with some more content.

The game was first released on March 15, but just before the launch the development team at The Creative Assembly announced that the optional but promised DirectX 11 graphical features were being held back for more testing. That testing is apparently completed and the features will now be made available to those gamers that can run DirectX 11 graphics. The specific features in the patch will include adding better shadow effects to the game "giving softer shadows with significantly less aliasing compared to DirectX 9". The features will also add "full screen multi-sampled anti-aliasing at 2x, 4x and 8x resolutions" for graphics cards that support Shader Model 4.1 or Shader Model 5. DirectX 11 features will also add enhanced depth of field to Total War Shogun 2 along with tessellation support for the game's rocky terrain and in-game rocks, saying, "Up close to the camera rocky terrain surfaces are visibly more detailed and realistic."

In addition to the new DirectX 11 graphics features, every Total War Shogun 2 player will get four new multiplayer maps in Monday's update (Aki, shown above, Hida Mountain, Flood Plains, and Sanriku Ria). There's also a pretty massive patch list that will had a huge number of bug fixes and changes, particularly to the game's campaign map.

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