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Are you tired of endless sequels that feel like the same old game over and over again? Or perhaps you've never considered gaming before? Nintendo is offering gamers an opportunity to experience something unique with a range of innovative new software. Nintendo invites you to train your brain, raise a pet puppy and even create a piece of audio-visual art with its new Touch! Generations range.

Nintendo recognizes that everyone is different and has different interests and requirements from their games. Touch! Generations is a new range of software developed by Nintendo, which will appeal to people of all age groups, irrespective of ability or experience. All Touch! Generations software will be clearly labelled with the new Touch! Generations logo, allowing people to instantly identify these unique titles.

News source: Advance-Gamers.comThe Nintendo DS is the perfect platform for Touch! Generations titles, with its touch-screen, voice recognition and Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, enabling people to play in ways never before imaginable. Since its launch in Europe in March 2005, over 4 Million Nintendo DS consoles have sold across Europe and a staggering 16 Million have been sold worldwide. The Nintendo DS has been instrumental in expanding Nintendo's audience into non-traditional areas.

This innovative range of software kicked off with the launch of the hugely successful Nintendogs, a game in which players raise, train and look after a pet puppy all on their Nintendo DS. Utilising touch-screen and voice recognition, Nintendogs has become an unprecedented success selling over 2.5 million copies across Europe and 6 million copies worldwide to date as well as attracting a new audience, including many female players and non-gamers. Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends Edition launches on June 16th and this edition includes the adorable Dalmatian puppy which players can pick as their own from the very start.

Other key Touch! Generations titles available for the Nintendo DS over the next few months include: Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? launching on 9th June 2006, which is a unique and innovative application which allows users to test and train their brain in just a few minutes a day; Electroplankton – created by renowned artist Toshio Iwai, invites users to create audio visual art and launches on 7th July 2006; Big Brain Academy, also launching on 7th July, tests a player's rational thinking and mental reaction speed with a series of wacky 60 second tests and Tetris DS, which combines the world famous falling block puzzle with new and exciting modes. Tetris now includes the ability to play anyone around the world via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

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