Toys R Us to sell new PS4 and Xbox One units online at midnight [Update: All gone]

While some brick and mortar retail locations might have some PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles for sale during Black Friday week, those of us who like to stay home and order things online have been out of luck in finding Sony's and Microsoft's newest game machines outside of eBay. Tonight, Toys R. Us has sent out an alert stating their website will have new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles for sale starting at 12:01 am Eastern time tonight.

The alert, posted on Joystiq, doesn't offer any information on just how many units of each console will be available for sale on the website but it's safe to say the shipments will be limited in number. If you really want to go outside to shop, Toys R Us says that its retail stores will get new shipments of the Xbox One on Saturday.

There are also lots of reports on the Internet, unconfirmed at the moment, that retailers like GameStop, Best Buy Walmart and others have been holding back on shipments of the PS4 and Xbox One so they can be sold during their Black Friday events. As always, consumers should check with their local retail stores to see if they will indeed have units available for sale.

Oh, and don't expect discounts on either the Xbox One or the PS4 during Black Friday week; the consoles have just been released and retailers won't likely see any price cuts for some time. However, some stores and websites are cutting prices for Xbox One and PS4 games by $10 or more this week. In addition, Sony will offer 12 months of PlayStation Plus service for $30 on Friday at several retail stores.

Update: That didn't take long; all Xbox One and PS4 units are sold out on the Toys R Us site.

Source: Joystiq | Image via Toys R Us

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