Tozo is an attractive ultra thin case option for the iPhone X

Whenever you purchase a new device, there is always the question of whether to keep things as is or to cover up the handset's engineered beauty or... ugly with a proper case. Some choose to leave things as is, while others will purchase a case for ultimate protection, cosmetic protection, or something in the middle. If you've recently purchased an iPhone X and want to preserve the outline of the handset as best as possible without breaking the bank, the Tozo Ultra Thin case might be a great option.

The Ultra Thin cases from Tozo are made from a hard plastic (no TPU here!) and are quite thin measuring in at 0.35mm. There are a selection of colors available and, for this hands-on, the matte blue and matte black models are shown after having been purchased from Amazon. If those colors aren't to your liking, pink and matte white are available as well.

As you can see from the images, the fit is extremely snug. This is probably the perfect option when it comes to giving your device cosmetic protection without sacrificing too much in terms of looks or form. Sure, you don't get that glossy glass finish, but this matte color brings a little bit of unique flavor which is nice. Perhaps best of all these cases are priced pretty fairly coming in at $8.99 each.

As for durability, they are holding up pretty well, with only very minor signs of use. If there are one or two negatives to the case, it's that it is very thin, meaning you won't get much in the way of drop protection and there is the chance of it tearing. The warning of tearing is even included inside the packaging, mentioning the thinner areas, like around the charging port, could rip when applied. While this has yet to happen, it is something that one should be aware of if they are prone to removing cases frequently.

Overall, these are excellent options for anyone look for something minimal. They aren't the most protective, but it does provide just enough of a buffer to protect the glass exterior from scratches, while also retaining the sleek design of the iPhone X.

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