Trinelogy for Nintendo Switch picks up PEGI rating

Although it was originally released back in 2009 on Windows and the PlayStation 3, Trine and its sequels have found their way on to other consoles over the course of the decade. The Nintendo Switch was the most recent to pick up a remake of the original title in the series under the Enchanted Edition moniker late last year, leveraging the engine from Trine 2 and online multiplayer capability.

While Trine 2: Complete Story and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power are also expected to become available on Nintendo's hybrid console in the short term, it appears that a bundle containing the first three games in the series could be on the cards. A search of the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) website yields a title dubbed Trinelogy destined for the Nintendo Switch and, if it follows the footsteps of its PC release on Steam, then it will include the first three installments of the franchise.

That said, the listing on the website also lists a PEGI 12 rating and a release date of December 31, 2018, which has come and gone without any word from Frozenbyte but, if plans for the collection to appear on Nintendo Switch are in fact true, then an announcement may soon be on the cards. It may also provide a great way for newcomers to the series to get their hands on the initial titles before Trine 4 makes its appearance during the course of this year.

Source: Nintendo Life

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