Ever wanted to really really really annoy the neighbours? Good! Heres how. Slashdot posted this nice article on how to build your own sub-woofer - and boy does it look cool! Definatly worth a look:

    Plunge Router - I did the bulk of my cutting with this. I bought a 1/2 shank straight cut bit from Freud. If you get the carbide tipped ones, they'll last the entire project and can be resharpened. I also used a circle jig that I bought at Sears for $20. It didn't fit the base of my router exactly, so I had to modify it (drill new holes in it). This allows you to cut out perfect circles and is probably the preferred way of doing this project for most people.
and if anyone feels inclined to build one- send us some shots :).

News source: Slashdot

View: how to make a sub-woofer

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