Tweak7 is an application that lets users take control of Windows 7 by configuring it to enhance both performance and functionality. Tweak7 is safe to use as any changes can be easily rolled back with Microsofts system-restore.

New in this version:

  • Remove common, annoying dialogs Windows is full of dialogs that are unnecessary. Tweak7 lets you select and disable the most common ones.
  • Move user directoriesWindows sets the default location of all user documents and settings to the C drive. Tweak7 allows you to move your files or any other user's files to another location; even another drive. This can greatly improve transportability and backup options.
Updated features:
  • Security (User Access Control) Management - Tweak7 has easy to configure security settings for managing the new security features of Windows 7. Other security settings can also be configured with one-click. If you've found some of the security prompts in Windows 7 getting in your way, Tweak7 offers relief.
  • Performance Optimization - Tweak7 knows all the default services on Windows 7 and many of them are not needed for most people. Tweak7 can safely guide users through common user configurations to optimize performance and memory use.
  • Start-Up Manager - See what programs are being launched on start-up (even ones that you may not be aware of) and quickly find out what they are doing and whether you need them. By utilizing the startup monitor built into Windows 7 to analyze problems; processes that take longer to start or shutdown are flagged for review.

There are many more included features in Tweak7. It is available as part of an Object Desktop subscription, or as a stand-alone application. For more information visit

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