TweakVista 1.01

TweakVista is a utility that enables users to optimize the performance and behavior of Microsoft® Windows Vista. The program has been designed to allow both casual, non-technical users to safely use it as well as contain a host of advanced features for power users to dig into the internals of Windows Vista. The feature-packed utility includes features such as:

  • Security Handling. Users can now easily and safely adjust the way Windows handles security prompting including the new UAC (User Account Control)
  • Memory Optimization. TweakVista knows which start-up services different types of users will typically use and offers recommendations on what services to disable. Users can easily switch between different profiles (including the default) based on their needs to maximize performance and memory use.
  • Resource Control. Tweak Vista has several features for keeping an eye on and flagging programs that use excessive amounts of resources (memory, CPU, or system handles) as well as integrating seamlessly with built in hardware diagnostic reports.
  • Start-Up Management. TweakVista not only will display and enable users to control what programs are loading on start-up but will identify in plain English what these programs do. Internet integration in the software allows users to comment on these processes within the program to one another.
  • Performance Assessments. TweakVista uses the new Windows Vista assessment features to benchmark nearly every aspect of a user's PC and allow them to submit their results for comparison with other users of similar or upgraded hardware. Reports indicate where the user's PC ranks amongst other submissions.
  • integration. TweakVista partners the software development skills of Stardock with the on-going tweak expertise of to provide an on-going live database of helpful tips and tricks for maximizing the Windows Vista experience.
  • Cost of Use and Carbon Footprint Analysis. TweakVista calculates the cost of running your PC. In addition a Carbon Footprint index is calculated. How "Green" is your PC?

TweakVista is available as a free trial and can be registered for $19.95. The registered version adds additional features such as profile management, assessment reports, UAC configuration, and more. Users can also get the registered version as part of Object Desktop, Stardock's complete suite of desktop enhancement utilities.

Download: TweakVista 1.01 (Shareware, $20)
Screenshot: Welcome Screen | Start Up window
Link: Home page

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