Twitch extensions go live

Twitch has announced through its blog, the launch of Twitch extensions. Twitch stream looks are about to get more personal now that the company has flipped the switch on extensions which it announced at PAX West.

Following the launch, Twitch streamers can now customize their pages using the various extensions available. More than 20 extensions are currently available at launch.

The company also released a teaser video showing various extensions in use and their integration on the platform.

Ryan Lubinski, the Twitch Product Manager, said in a statement that

"Twitch is a platform where communities create, share, and interact with the content they love. With Twitch Extensions, we're taking interactivity to the next level by empowering our developer community to create customized interactive content, directly integrated with the Twitch platform, opening up a whole new world of creator-viewer interaction."

A few of the currently available extensions are:

  • Destiny Armory Overlay by Grab Games: Dive into Destiny gear, view details on perks, get class info, and more - all seamlessly incorporated into the stream.
  • Gear on Amazon: This panel highlights Partners and Affiliates’ favourite products on Amazon, making it easy for viewers to find and purchase them. It also helps fans support their favourite creators since members of the Amazon Associates program earn commissions.
  • Hearthstone Match Ticker by Battlefy: Live ticker for Hearthstone tournaments on Battlefy.
  • Smart Click Maps by ExMachina: Shows a “heat map” of clicks, allowing viewers to suggest the creator’s next move, card, or weapon by clicking directly on the video.
  • TRN Battlegrounds (PUBG) Live Tracker by Tracker Network: Shows live updates of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS stats. Both Overlay and Panel options available.
  • TRN Destiny Live Tracker by Tracker Network: Tracks Destiny progress and loadout.
  • TRN Rocket League Live Tracker by Tracker Network: Tracks Rocket League skill ratings.

To delve right in, Twitch streamers simply have to go to the Extension manager in the Twitch dashboard to install and activate the extensions of their choice.

Twitch has promised to reveal more about extensions on the platforms at the TwitchCon Developer Day on October 19th, 2017.

According to the official blog, development for Extensions begins soon. Interested developers which also include streamers who want a more personalized design or goal can visit the Twitch Developer Extension website to get started.

Source: Twitch via Engadget

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