Twitter acquires SnappyTV

As Twitter introduced the ability to add GIFs to tweets, it also acquired a robust media company, SnappyTV. While you may not have heard of SnappyTV,  you’ve likely seen the product of their work on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Over the past four years, they have been providing powerful tools for major companies like Fox, The CW, Nascar, TechCrunch, and Fox Sports.

SnappyTV offers companies the ability to edit and share live video and TV programming on the web. The benefit of SnappyTV's service is that they are cloud-based, giving users the ability to edit on the fly from any location with Internet service. SnappyTV can be used to create clips, GIFs, events, and web streams.

Twitter has maintained that they will keep SnappyTV as an open platform, offering the service on a wide variety of digital channels. With financial support from Twitter, SnappyTV hopes to expand its service to provide new features to its current and future clients.

Source: Twitter | Image via Twitter

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