Twitter brings Instagram-like filters to iOS/Android app today

The past few years have seen hipsters many people jump aboard the Instagram bandwagon, which allows them to easily degrade edit their photos with a simple smartphone application. Twitter has realized that this isn't just a phase, and today they've updated their smartphone apps for Android and iOS to add simple photo filters and editing tools thanks to Aviary.

The editing tools that have been embedded into the app allow you to add one of eight filters to give photos "a new look and feel", as well as auto-enhance the shot, and crop or zoom to your liking. Currently, Instagram has many more filters than the Twitter app, but this is just a start for Twitter which will probably see more features added in upcoming updates.

This update follows yesterday's news that Instagram images will no longer be embedded in Twitter streams, requiring users to actually click through to Instagram to see grainy photos of cats and food. If you'd rather take these photos through the official Twitter app you can grab it through this link, although unfortunately the editing features have not made their way to Windows Phone just yet.

Source: Twitter

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