Twitter now has over 200 million active users

In March, Twitter celebrated its sixth anniversary by announcing that the social networking service had 140 million active monthly users worldwide. Today, just a few days before the end of 2012, Twitter announced yet another subscriber milestone.

In a Twitter message, natch, the company said:


The new milestone shows that Twitter continues to grow its user base at a pretty impressive rate, although it is still far behind its major rival Facebook, which now has over 1 billion accounts.

However, it has not been a completely good year for Twitter. The company annoyed a number of developers that made third party Twitter clients with word that they could only have a limited number of users; this was due to Twitter cutting off unlimited access to its APIs. It was the reason why the popular Windows 8 app Tweetro relaunched as a paid app a few weeks ago.

More recently, Twitter and Instagram went to war over photos which lead to Twitter launching its own online image filtering app on iOS and Android.

Source: Twitter

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