Two-tier internet could damage future growth

A 'two-tier' internet where content providers pay a premium to guarantee a speedy web site will damage the future growth of the web, according to search giant Google. The net neutrality principle ­ which argues that everyone should have equal access to data on the internet ­ is the key to ensuring fair competition online, Google director of research Peter Norvig told Computing. 'The net has grown far beyond the original perception bounds because it is open and because services can be launched without being fettered by higher-level control,' said Norvig.

'At Google, we think it is good for competition to try to keep services this way, and that is what we are going to push for,' he said. The net neutrality debate is taking off in the US. Google is asking the communications regulator to ensure the winner of the current wireless spectrum auctions will act as a wholesaler, guaranteeing competition

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