Ubisoft buys out Canadian developer Action Pants

Publisher and developer Ubisoft announced that it has acquired Canadian developer Action Pants. The developer was established in 2006, and will be releasing its first game for the Wii, which we're told will be a sports one, this year. Action Pants currently employs over 110 developers, and, based on the fact that they've been around for over 2 years now, should mean we can expect to see what they've been making soon (although it will be under the name of Ubisoft by the time it's out, most likely).

Ubisoft said in a press release "The creative talent at Action Pants made the decision an easy one, and we are delighted to both establish ourselves in the region as well as welcome a fantastic group of experienced developers," although that quote should be taken with a pinch of salt, because Ubisoft has said something along the lines of that about every developer that's been gobbled up by it recently.

Once again, yet another developer has been swallowed up by one of several dominating giants in the game industry, leaving us to wonder just how big these publishing companies can get. Ubisoft have stated that the game Action pants have worked on will be sitting next to Shaun White Snowboarding. But what are your thoughts on this? Is this a developer rescued from the troubles of the economic downturn, or is it just plain greed on Ubisoft's side?

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