Ubisoft revamps Uplay PC; offers $1 games this weekend

Ubisoft, which hasn't made many friends in hardcore PC gaming audience in the last couple of years, has just launched a new way to purchase and download games from its library of titles. Basically, Ubisoft has revamped its Uplay service and made it closer in design to Valve's Steam program.

The official Uplay website explains that, rather than download and launch Ubisoft games separately, the new version has a downloadable client like Steam and Origin. This will let users download and play all Ubisoft's games in one location. The new client supports cloud-based saves, which means you can play, say, Far Cry 2 on one PC and then stop and play on another PC at the same place you saved.

The new Uplay has also thrown in features such as friends lists and chat features. Uplay users can also earn achievements and rewards while playing games that will allow them to access more content.

While this sounds very similar to Steam and Origin, keep in mind that Ubisoft is also the company that believes in an "always on" DRM set up for some of its PC games, even if you are in single player. It remains to be seen if gamers will embrace this new version. The company is trying to sweeten the deal by offering 75 percent off the price of number of Ubisoft games this weekend, with one game a day priced at just $1 (at the moment, it's H.A.W.X. 2).

Source: Uplay website | Image via Ubisoft

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