UFC's web site latest victim of cyber attack

The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act may be in limbo at the moment in the US Congress but that didn't stop a hacker group from launching a cyber attack on Sunday against a SOPA/PIPA supporter. MMATorch.com reports that the UFC.com web site was the victim of the attack by a group which calls itself the Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up.

The group redirected the UFC.com web site to another site controlled by them for a number of minutes on Sunday before UFC.com was restored. The group claims that it launched its attack on the mixed martial arts company because of its SOPA and PIPA support.

Perhaps even more interesting than the UFC.com hack is the reaction to it from the company's owner and president Dana White. In posts on White's Twitter page, he makes it clear that he didn't care about the official web site of his company being the victim of a cyber attack.

In one response to a person asking about the cyber attack, White says, "I'm in the fight biz not the website biz!! Might be a big deal to other companies not mine."  White made it clear he was more interested in watching the NFL playoffs on Sunday rather than be worried about a cyber attack on the UFC.com site.

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